After graduating from college with two majors in education and a minor in psychology, Thia Keen dedicated more than thirty years teaching and guiding children. Upon retirement and encouraged by a friendship, she began a life-long goal—that of writing a book to share her personal experiences of childhood trauma in hope to teach and inspire an awareness of its effects. Five years later, she completed her first novel: A Quiet Fear.

Born in the rural Midwest, Thia Keen currently resides in Colorado with her husband and their loyal dog. The passionate and comforting connection she discovered in Mother Nature as a child continues to this day.

about sexual abuse

It is the one of the least reported crimes in our United States.

There are long-term effects for adults of self-blame,  physical ailments, depression, guilt, shame, fear that can lead to paranoia and panic attacks, loss of self-image and self-esteem, anger that can dwell internally or be expressed externally, loss or lack of trust…to name a few. It is important for a victim to learn to work with their effects in a healthy way. From my own experience…it takes time, even decades to regain what was lost.

The effects of sexual assault on children can be lasting and similar to an adult’s however, in children, it may also lead to confusion with roles of society and within a family, or confusion of positive/negative feelings toward the offender. This confusion, coupled with the other emotional effects can lead to poor communication, which in my case, led to decades of silence and isolation, because I didn’t know how to put the abuse into words.

How can society help?
Listen.  Believe.  Comfort. Love. Protect and provide safety.  Be our calm.

(Rape, abuse, incest national network and hotline)  
(national child traumatic stress network)


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